Unwind at a tranquil oceanfront cottage
Islesboro, Maine

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2013 Rates & Availability
Photos of House & Vicinity

Chart of Penobscot Bay (showing rough location of our house with an arrow)
Floor Plan of the House
Charter our Friendship Sloop (moored off the house)

Description: Description: Description: ftp://gailandroger.com/public_html/islesboro/beach2s.jpgOur home ("Crosswinds") sits on a narrow peninsula jutting out from the eastern shore (marked with black dot in aerial photo below). The house has oceanfront on the front and the back. The front faces Sabbathday Harbor and Ryder's Cove, around which cottages such as this one were built around the turn of the century (1900) by families coming down for the summer from Bangor on the steamboats that in those days made regular stops at Ryder's Cove. 

Description: Description: Description: ftp://gailandroger.com/public_html/islesboro/backsids.jpgSurprisingly little has changed since 1900. The cottage has been extensively updated in terms of electricity and plumbing, but it retains its original character, e.g., weathered gray shingles, exposed interior beams. Neighboring cottages, some of which are visible but without intruding on privacy are also from the turn of the century.

Description: Description: Description: ftp://gailandroger.com/public_html/islesboro/beachpns.jpgA sandy beach, very rare in these parts, is literally steps away (10 feet) from a long porch (40 feet) extending the full width of the front of the house. At high tide, only the sandy beach is above water. At low tide, there are rocks, seaweed, and mussels beyond the sand. Further out on the narrow peninsula there is a rocky promontory from which still other ocean views can be had. The whole area has a magic that words cannot describe.

Description: Description: Description: porch2sThe house sleeps 6-10 persons. There are four bedrooms and one and one-half baths. Three bedrooms and a full bath are on the second floor; there is a queen-size bed in one bedroom (new in 2008), two single beds in another, and one full and two single beds (new in 2008) in the third.  There is also a bedroom/office on the first floor, where there is a sofa that folds out to a full size bed. There is a half  bath on the first floor, in which the washer/dryer is located. The first floor has a large open area for living and dining, an enclosed porch, and a kitchen. There are many windows on the first floor, particularly on the glassed-in sun porch, which has an especially light and airy feel to it. The furnishings are in keeping with the age of the home.

Description: Description: Description: ftp://gailandroger.com/public_html/islesboro/aerials.jpgThe kitchen is fully equipped, including a microwave, but it, too, is rustic (you will not find any Formica or modern cabinetry). A wood stove is available in the living room, to give heat on those cool, Maine evenings. The house is not winterized, and is completely shut down from November 1 to April 15.   A high-output (40,000 BTU/hr) Rinnai propane heater was installed in September 2006, making the house much more comfortable in the shoulder seasons (late May into June and late September into October).  Foundation and other major restoration/structural work (see below) was completed over the winters of 2007/2008 and 2008/2009.  There are no televisions, but you are welcome to bring your own. There is a telephone, and we simply ask that you charge all calls except those to the local exchanges (236 and 734). There is a CD/tape music system in the living room.  We must insist on no pets and no smoking.  There is now a very high-speed Internet connection at the house (with wireless router).   

Description: Description: Description: ftp://gailandroger.com/public_html/islesboro/harbor.jpgIslesboro is a quiet island of incredible beauty. There are about 600 year-round and 1,000 summer residents. There is a real feeling of community, shared by year-round and summer residents alike. We have few security concerns about our house, as year-round neighbors keep a close eye on it. Islesboro is a place that people go to for long vacations, as opposed to day trips. Because of this there are not many shops or restaurants on the island, itself, though a great many are to be found in Camden, just a few miles south of the ferry landing. The automobile ferry that connects the island to the mainland at Lincolnville operates every hour from 8 AM to 5 PM (except 12 Noon).

Description: Description: Description: ftp://gailandroger.com/public_html/islesboro/lghthse.gifIf you are used to glittery, fast-paced places, it may take you a while to get used to the simpler and slower-paced life on Islesboro, but we have found it far preferable. Once you have been on the island long enough to unwind and slow down, you will find it very difficult to leave. Take a week or two, and unwind at our home on Islesboro. Consider coming in September.  It is probably the nicest time of the year to be there, as the days are clear and warm.

The house was built in approximately 1907/1908. One hundred years later, major restoration of the house was completed over the winters of 2007/2008 and 2008/2009, including installation of foundation piers, restoration of some of the original porch at the southwestern corner of the house, interior structural improvements (e.g., stiffening of second floor), new roofing, removal of modern sheetrock in one bedroom, changes to second floor dormer windows to make them impervious to weather, small changes to kitchen, new hardwood floor on over all of first floor, new roof and some siding shingles, restoration of inoperable doors and windows, removal of thick/peeling old paint on trim and repainting. All of the work is being done with an eye to maintaining or restoring the original character of the house.   In 2010 and 2011, we restored the fourth bedroom on the second floor (by dividing the third bedroom – the largest -- into two rooms, as it was originally configured).  These two “new” rooms each have two twin beds.  The west bedroom, the largest, has a queen bed, as does the north bedroom.  The office on the first floor has a full-size sofa bed. 

Best way to contact us is by E-mail, at grogerlee@gmail.com  

Roger Lee
26 Park St.
Belfast, Maine 04915
(207) 522-8007

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